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3 must-try local restaurants in Monroe, Louisiana

Hampton Inn & Suites has got the best hotel rooms in Monroe, Louisiana. This is one of the top-rated luxury hotels in the city. The hotel is one of the most loved hotels as it is conveniently located and has got great amenities.

The service staff at the hotel deliver top-quality guest services round the clock. The guests are also pampered with a great number of compliments at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, Louisiana. Also Hampton Inn & Suites is top rated Monroe, Louisiana hotels.

The official blog of the hotel also recommends the best restaurants and eateries in the city for the guests to explore during their stay at the hotel. This blog handpicks the best restaurants serving the local cuisine that is located in the close quarters of Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, Louisiana.

1. Parish Restaurant

Located at 4.6 miles from your stay at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, Louisiana, this restaurant is considered to be one of the finest in the city. The menu is priced reasonably, and the choices are plentiful or plenty. Do try their signature bronzed Louisiana flounder during your visit to the hotel.

2. Dudes Brew and Que

This restaurant is situated 4.1 miles away from your suite at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, Louisiana. The atmosphere here is great and the taste of the food is outstanding. The food portions are huge and filling. Do not miss out on this gem while you are in the city.

3. Flying Tiger Brewery-Monroe

This unique spot is located 4.6 miles away from your room at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, Louisiana. This brewery serves beers of unique flavors. They have got some of the best flavors in the world. Check out their newsletter to find out their latest releases before you visit them in person. 

Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe will be a great choice to book your holiday stay during your trip to Monroe LA Hotels. The hotel is in proximity to the best tourist attractions in the city as well. Make the most of your trip to the city of Monroe, LA by booking your stay with us. For reservations and other queries, visit our website: https://hamptonmonroe.com/.

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