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3 must-visit places in Monroe, LA

Monroe is one of the most happening places in Louisiana. Ranging from sites of historical importance to exclusive places for fun and entertainment, Monroe has got something for all age groups. If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway or a full-fledged vacation, Monroe is a great choice.

Book your stay at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA during your trip to Monroe, with exceptional services and top-quality amenities, Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA is located close to a good range of tourists’ attractions. Here are 3 of the must-visit places near Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA.

  1. Downtown River Market

It is a great place to spend your summer weekends. It gives you an entertaining experience

alongside the ever-beautiful Ouachita River. The local merchants welcome you with a great

display of local arts and crafts. If you are a shopaholic you might want to stay there forever.

There is great music near the Downtown River Market. The live music experience will be

captivating and refreshing. Located just 4.3 miles from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA all it

takes is a short drive with your loved ones to enjoy and experience Monroe with all its


  • Chennault Park Golf Course

Situated 2.4 miles away from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA the Chennault Park Golf Course is an 18-hole public golf course. It is the top-rated golf course in Monroe with a daily fee. This location gives you an unforgettable golfing experience in a lush green environment.

The staff at the Chennault Park Golf Course are friendly and are all professionally trained to help the players throughout their time at the golf course. The quality of their service is impeccable and hence it is a must-visit at Monroe for every sporting spirit.

  • African American Museum

The African-American Museum was founded in 1994 in Northeast Louisiana. It aims to promote and provide educational programs to educate the tourist on the rich cultural heritage of the African Americans in the area. This museum also supports and promotes local arts and artists to a laudable extent.

Explore and gather knowledge about the culture and the crafts of the local people at the African American Museum. This visit is bound to be a definite educational one. Located just 4.5 miles away from your room at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA the African American Museum is a must-visit during your family vacation at Monroe, LA.

With endless tourist attractions, Monroe is a great place for any vacation. Be it the summer, a weekend getaway, or a full-fledged family holiday. Monroe will get you back home with a whole lot of memories. Experience Monroe at its best from premium rooms Monroe will get you back home with a whole lot of memories. and suites crafted to perfection at Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA.

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