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Explore Monroe’s Fun Spots With Hampton Inn

Monroe, Louisiana, is a beautiful and unique city with picturesque views. This vibrant and progressive city has a lot to offer its tourists. Despite being underrated, the tempting cuisines, rich history, outdoor adventures, and luxury hotel rooms in monroe louisiana, make a trip to the city worthwhile. Make Hampton Inn your ideal ground if you ever consider visiting the city. Roam the city streets worry-free while your luggage and bed are secure and cozy at our hotel. Further, take our suggestions and have a fantastic day at Monroe's fun tourist destinations.   

Louisiana Tourism By The Figures 

According to 2022 Louisiana Tourism and Research statistics, the state attracted 42.6 million domestic and international visitors. With the leisure and hospitality industry being the fourth highest employer in the state, you can understand the significance of tourism in the state.  

Domestic travelers like to indulge in travel activities like shopping, culinary experiences, and visiting friends and family. However, the state of Louisiana, specifically Monroe, isn’t limited to these experiences.  

Monroe is a perfect vacation spot where you can get a time-out from the hustle-bustle of your life. The city calls for revisits and rejuvenation, and the places we have listed in this guide form the ideal way to have fun. So, let’s dive into what you can do in Monroe for a thrill on your next getaway.   

Amusing Places To Visit In Monroe, LA 

Hotel rooms in monroe louisiana

After you’re done with hotel booking at Hampton Inn, you can wander the following spots stress-free for a gala time in the city: 

Explore The Fun Facts About Biedenharn Museum 

When you visit the Biedenharn Museum, you’ll find yourselves immersed in the fascinating history of the Coca-Cola bottling industry. A vast selection of Coca-Cola memorabilia is available at the museum, along with insights into the Biedenharn family and the cultural impact of this iconic American soft beverage.  

Other unique things you’ll discover here include: 

  • The historic 1900s Biedenharn home with original antique and décor 

  • Guided tours to learn about the Biedenharn family and their influence on the local community 

  • See the plethora of artifacts 

  • An extensive collection of rare Bibles 

  • Beautiful gardens designed by Emy Lou 

If you’re an early 20th-century South history enthusiast, visiting this place will offer plenty of opportunities to dig deep into the past.  

See The Vast Collection At The Masur Museum Of Art 

Art lovers would love to unite at the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana. Located at a former Masur family’s home, it’s a historic building, now converted into an art museum with an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional art. The museum offers a dedicated, dynamic visual arts experience. 

Here’s what you can enjoy at the museum: 

  • Exhibitions, public programs, and collection management 

  • Works of emerging and established artists 

  • Paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs, and other art forms 

  • Educational programs for kids and adults 

  • Free of cost admission to the museum 

Whether you are an art enthusiast, lover, or admirer, Masur Museum of Art is the perfect place to appreciate artists. You can secure your connecting room hotels nearby and start exploring the scenes.  

Savor The Flavors At Landry Vineyards 

If you’re a wine enthusiast and love wine tours and tasting, Landry Vineyards in West Monroe, Louisiana, is one of the perfect places to be. The beauty of their well-grown grapes' shines through their exquisite wine. The family’s commitment to sustainability and quality has made it a popular tourist spot. 

The various enjoyable things at this site include: 

  • Family-friendly concerns with good food and wine 

  • A vast wine selection made of quality grapes 

  • Tasting tours available 

  • Environmentally-friendly pest management techniques 

  • Wines on the sweeter side that go well with/ in desserts 

If you wish to buy any wines from here, check out the following: 


Blanc Du Bois 



Chocolate Raspberry Wine 


LaScato Frizzante 

Double Barrel Red Blend 

Cabernet Sauvignon 

Outdoor Fun At Black Bayou Lake National Park 

An excellent way to bask in nature’s glory and rejuvenate in Monroe, Louisiana, is to go to Black Bayou Lake National Park. This beautiful place has a 5300-acre refuge and a 1600-acre lake for wildlife. The park has numerous trails and boardwalks offering picturesque lake views, surrounding wetlands, and up-close wildlife.  

Here’s what you will experience at this conservatory national park: 

  • See a vast wildlife variety, including alligators, bald eagles, otters, etc. 

  • Delve into the park’s history, wildlife, and conservation efforts 

  • Do birdwatching, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing 

  • An excellent destination for students on field trips 

  • Wheelchair and stroller-accessible trails 

Connecting to nature and wildlife becomes fun at this park, with visitors getting the opportunity to call this park home. After your room reservation at Hampton Inn, this place becomes a serene recharging spot.  

Wander The Chennault Aviation And Military Museum 

The Chennault Aviation and Military Museum, located in Monroe, Louisiana, is an intriguing spot for individuals passionate about history and aviation. Its primary dedication lies in honoring the remarkable legacy of General Claire Chennault, renowned for his leadership of the Flying Tigers during World War II. At the museum, you'll discover an extensive exhibit dedicated to General Chennault, offering an opportunity to delve into a diverse collection of artifacts and memorabilia that vividly portray his life and extraordinary achievements. 

Here’s what you can explore at this museum: 

  • Different galleries representing specific eras of aviation and military history 

  • An impressive collection of engines, weapons, and aircraft 

  • Interactive exhibits for real-life experiences 

  • Uniforms, medals, and personal item displays to know the lives of soldiers and pilots 

  • A theater screen with documentaries and educational films about aviation and military history 

Visiting this place is a must for anyone intrigued by the history of flight and people serving in the military. 

Hampton Inn: A Perfect End To A Thrilling Monroe Escapade 

Visiting the places mentioned here will give you insights into the fun, rich culture, history, and more of Monroe. You can have a gala time with your friends and family while touring the vineyards, checking out the wildlife, or delving into art and military museums. However, before you embark on this journey and after you’re done, you need a relaxing space to rest. That’s where Hampton Inn, one of the best hotel Monroe Louisiana, comes. You can enjoy a truckload of amenities and super-friendly staff at Hampton Inn, 5100 Frontage Rd, Monroe, LA 71202, United States.  

If you’re considering visiting us, contact our front desk at +1 (318)-343-6910. Also, check our updates and events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn



1. What Are The Room Specialties At Hampton Inn, Monroe? 

The room specialties at Hampton Inn include: 

  1. Accessibility 
  2. Connecting rooms 
  3. Pet-friendliness 
  4. Bedding  
  5. Furniture 
  6. Appliances 

2. Who Owns Hampton Inn, Monroe? 

Hampton Inn and Suites in Monroe comes under the Hilton brand, promising guests exceptional accommodation and consistent luxury service.

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